SLA management is a common general problem for the different types of software systems which are hosted in cloud environments because of the unpredictable and bursty workloads from various users in addition to the performance variability in the underlying cloud resources. Currently, cloud providers do not provide adequate SLA for their service offerings. Particularly, most providers guarantee only the availability (but not the performance) of their services. This puts a burden on the consumer's applications as it is their responsibility to assure their applications' SLA (in terms of performance) to their customers. In practice, databases systems form a critical component in the software stack of many cloud-hosted software applications.

CloudDB AutoAdmin is an end-to-end framework for a declarative management of the application-defined SLA for cloud-hosted databases. In this framework, the SLA of the application is declaratively defined in terms of goals which are subjected to a number of constraints that are specific to its database transactions. These defined SLA are then fed to the SLA checker component which continuously evaluates them against the reported metrics from a database monitoring module and triggers the execution of necessary corrective actions (scaling out/in the database tier) when required. The trigger of these corrective actions is based on a set of declarative application-defined rules where the expected system performance or the cloud cost reduction is optimized according to the application-defined SLA. The framework is designed in a way that it acts as an admission control to achieve the SLA management goal for the database tier of software applications non-intrusively with zero change in their line codes. The framework is database platform-agnostic and uses virtualization-based database replication mechanisms.

Building Blocks for the Demonstration Scenario

  • Olio: Social-events application.
  • Faban: An open source synthetic workload generator.
  • MySQL proxy software
  • Lua scripting language
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

  • Download the CloudDB replication delay monitor from here.

    For running a live demo of the framework, please send an email to "" or "" with the date and time and we will make our servers up and running on Amazon EC2 instances during this period.

    For cost saving purposes, we could not make our Amazon EC2 instances running all the time ;-)

    Please allow us at least 24 hours in advance.